Christopher Harrison
“If you can ‘suspend your disbelief’, I can bring you to better health and less pain, allow you to feel the joy of flying and actually increase your physical height --- in just one session”.  

Entertainment and fitness visionary Christopher Harrison is a producer/director/Tony Award winning aerial choreographer and fitness expert; a former world-class gymnastics specialist and Broadway dancer. As a pioneer in the field of aerial and acrobatic arts in America, Christopher's innovations have inspired the current aerial, parkour and acrobatic cultural explosion in America and across the globe. While at the University of Utah Christopher was discovered by Academy Award nominee Herb Ross who cast him in the Kevin Bacon/Sara Jessica Parker dance blockbuster, Footloose. He then moved to New York City and began his professional career on Broadway, Television and Film where he originated pop culture iconic characters such as MTV's Moon Man and the Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Donatello.

While performing, Christopher discovered that acrobatics, which inspired his artistry as a child, had disappeared from contemporary entertainment and the cultural landscape in America. In an effort to fill the gap, Christopher created AntiGravity® as a hybrid of: artistic sports, performing arts, circus acrobatics, aerials, contemporary dance and hip hop, to embody a philosophy that nurtures creativity and emphasizes the joy of movement.

Mr. Harrison discovered that the AntiGravity® Hammock also had health and fitness benefits for the general public as an exercise device and thus created “AntiGravity™ Yoga & Fitness”.  His trademarked techniques are now proliferating in gyms and studios in over 30 countries including in Madonna’s Hard Candy Fitness and in Richard Branson’s Virgin Active.  The technique has been endorsed by Ironman’s Gwyneth Paltrow as the secret to her health and fitness.